Osteopathy for Back Pain

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Most of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives.

Back pain can vary from an occasional twinge to sharp, acute pain, or deep aching pain that may persist for months. Osteopathy treats all kinds of back pain; NICE (the National Institute of Clinical Excellence) guidelines recommend osteopathic massage and manipulation for the treatment of low back pain, alongside exercise.

Lower back pain generally refers to pain felt in the lumbar region, below the ribs and above the hips. The cause of the pain will be different for each individual, and may be stemming from any one of the tissues in the area, e.g. discs, facet joints, muscles or ligaments. Additionally, back pain may be referred from organs and tissues deep within the body, such as the digestive tract.

Osteopaths are trained extensively to detect and treat the specific tissue causing pain, as well as finding and treating the factors that may be aggravating the pain.  We are trained to detect if the pain is stemming from a straightforward musculoskeletal issue, or if it is a deeper or more serious problem that needs referral for medical investigation.

Of course, Osteopathy treats much more than just the symptoms of your back pain. Other areas of imbalance are addressed such as in the knees, shoulders and neck to ensure balance throughout the whole body. This holistic way of managing back pain is effective in not only reducing symptoms at the time of treatment, but also to prevent further occurrences of pain.

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Common factors leading to back pain include:

  • bending incorrectly
  • lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling incorrectly
  • slouching and bad posture
  • extended periods of standing or bending down
  • twisting or over-stretching
  • driving for long periods without taking a break
  • overuse of the muscles, due to sport or repetitive muscle usage (i.e. repetitive strain injury)..

Aftercare is paramount to good recovery; I offer all my patients comprehensive advice on posture, work-station set up, self-help exercises and stretches.

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