Osteopathy for Sports Injuries

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Sports injuries can affect anyone taking part in athletic activity, from those who occasionally exercise to the elite professional athlete.  Injuries can be sustained during training or competition, and can range from repetitive strain injury to severe sprains and muscle tears.

You can be at risk of injury at any age: Older people may lack the flexibility and suppleness they need, and younger people may not yet be physically mature to cope with the demands of some sports.

The three main areas that osteopathy works in relation to sports are:

  • 1
    Injury Prevention

    by ensuring the body is free from restriction, and identifying small problems before they progress to serious injury

  • 2
    Injury Rehabilitation

    Speeding up the healing time, and ensuring correct healing of damaged tissue

  • 3
    Performance Enhancement

    for optimal sports performance, you need a correct and efficiently functioning musculoskeletal system.

I treat an extensive range of amateur and professional sports people including footballers, gymnasts, marathon runners, golfers, Olympic hurdlers and of course horse riders. Whatever your sport and level, I would be delighted to discuss how I can help.

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